Bella is to become a PAT dog!

Bella has recently passed her assessment to be a PAT dog, what is a PAT dog you may ask?….

Dogs have been providing love and reassurance to their owners for centuries. For as long as dogs have been domesticated, there has been evidence of their natural healing abilities over the physically and emotionally convalescent. The first therapeutic use of dogs can be traced back to ancient Greece, when dogs were employed to lick the wounds of injured human patients.

Many animals but especially dogs bring comfort and happiness to people with a range of disabilities and emotional needs, including those in nursing homes, rehab facilities, hospices, special needs schools and more. Many owners find themselves asking whether their pet has what it takes to work with vulnerable people, and provide those at risk of depression and alienation with a new lease on life.

Bella’s application may take several weeks to process due to the charity being run by volunteers, updates shall be posted as and when she starts her new roll.

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